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My Top Tweets from the COVID-19 Crisis Thus Far

We’re all coping in different ways. I’m coping by spending copious amounts of time on Twitter. 




We LOVE a good Disney reference. Maybe now we all understand how Rapunzel was feeling being stowed away in her castle. Evil Stepmother = COVID-19??


I have a deep appreciation for the “Oh, to be a ____” meme format, and this one does not disappoint. To be fair though, I love that 1998 babies as a whole are definitely lying about 9/11 being their first memory. My sister, born in 1997, barely remembers anything about that day; everything she remembers is just constructed from stories our mom has told her. 


What we need during this trying time is the resurgence of the Chuck Norris meme. 


This is a very personal one, because my boyfriend and I live in the same town, we don’t go to school together. Now everyone else can know what it feels like to do long distance.


A beautiful tweet *chef’s kiss* from my friend, Sarah, who goes to Virginia Tech.


A new “120 Things to do Before Your Graduate” list in the making.


And finally, this one just speaks for itself.

Rachel is a second year studying Speech Communication Disorders at the University of Virginia in the Curry School of Education and Human Development. She is involved with Jewish life on Grounds and proudly works as a Student Ambassador in the Rotunda. In her limited free time, she enjoys drawing abstract art, catching up with friends, and attempting to stay healthy.
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