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How To Thrive in 2020: Your New Self Care Routine

2020 looks different for all of us.  Whether you’re back to school, still cooped up in your childhood bedroom, or just trying to get through this roller coaster of a year like the rest of us, a self care routine has never been more important. Here are a few quick steps to kickstart your self care journey this week. 

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Start with something simple.  I have found a lot of comfort in starting a skin-care routine during quarantine.  I used to be more of a “whenever I could remember to do it” type of face-washer, however adding skincare to my nightly routine helped me out of my nightly TikTok binges and eased me back into a normal(ish) schedule.  I have also noticed my skin has been way more irritated during quarantine; we are all living through a new normal and our bodies are trying to keep up with all of this stress and changes.  It is okay to be breaking out more now, and your skin will thank you for showing it some TLC.

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Next, try making a gratitude list. This can be something you come back to every day, week, or month.  Gratitude lists can be simpler than journaling since you have a quick, direct prompt.  Try to think of everything you are thankful for whether that includes people, experiences, physical items, or more.  I promise you’ll feel warm and fuzzy after even just five minutes.  

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A last step is to cozy down with your favorite book, movie, or television show.  It is so comforting to watch or read familiar stories - you can give your brain a break while also having fun and relaxing.  My go-tos in quarantine have been rereading “The Mysterious Benedict Society” series by Trenton Lee Stewart or making my way through “Gilmore Girls” for the third time.  There is nothing wrong with going back to favorites - you love them for a reason!

Remember, self care looks different on all of us, so make sure you choose things that make you feel like yourself.  If you’re trying to add a self care routine into your normal schedule, start by practicing one small thing each day.  This can be 5 minutes at the start or end of your day, or even one minute at the start of every hour.  Little practices become lifelong habits and you’ll be a self-care queen in no time.

Daniela is a Fourth year at the University of Virginia studying Youth and Social Innovation. She enjoys charcuterie boards, spending time with her sister, and rewatching Gilmore Girls.
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