Five New Ways to Style Your Pies

It’s that time of year again: when all of your family gathers around the table and asks you what your plans for the future are while you try to stuff your face so full you won't be able to answer. Happy Thanksgiving! What better way to distract your loved ones from asking pesky questions about your life plans than to prepare an impressive-looking pie for the table?


Here are 5 cool pie crust ideas that will delight any crazy grandma from asking whether you’ve met someone yet.


1. The Turkey Crust Pumpkin Pie: This adorable turkey design will capture the hearts of all your family. They’ll be so delighted by your creativity that they’ll forget to ask you how your internship hunt is going!



2. The Braided Masterpiece: You know what’s better than talking about whether you voted for Hillary or Trump? Telling your entire family how you managed to braid such an amazing pie crust, AND be an awesome person at the same time!! Congrats to Future You on your pie success.



3. The Classy Plaid Lattice: When your family starts talking about where they think this country is headed, head to the kitchen and get this pie out of the fridge and rush it over to the table immediately. When you return with this incredibly classy pie design on display, you will successfully derail the political debate. Yay!



4. The Simplistic Label: This simple design will let your family know that you have a simple answer for everything. What are you planning on doing after college? Making money. Where are you planning on living? Earth. Who are you planning on doing it with? People. What is this thing you’ve brought to the table in a dish? Pie.



5. The “It’s not just a phase” Pie: This slightly terrifying pie crust really communicates that you aren’t messing around. If you bring this to the table, I can pretty much guarantee that no one will dare asking you any uncomfortable questions. This pie is so simple, yet communicates so much.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!