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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

In a perfect world, we would be making the most of every day of the week. However, the hectic craze of November exam stress makes it hard to allow ourselves to indulge, so those of us who venerate the crimson leaves and charged air have to settle for one well-planned self-care weekend. Hopefully my idea of a perfect fall weekend in Charlottesville as a girl with no car and no time will offer a relatable template, if not inspiration.


Getting an early start on a Saturday morning makes my whole weekend feel so much more productive. I make a coffee and read in bed before sifting through my closet and throwing on an oversized patterned coat that could make anyone look calm and collected. Mid-morning, after I’ve popped my laundry in the wash and watered my plants, I head to Whole Foods and Trader Joes (via bus, naturally) for some pick-me-ups and La Colombe’s. Ever heard the saying that the way to a girl’s heart is through canned coffee? Think I’ll patent that. By noon, it’s time to treat myself to lunch and I opt for grocery-store sushi that I eat at a picnic table by the Corner so that I can watch the leaves dance in the air. I smile at a golden retriever rolling in the reds and oranges as I head to the gym for a workout. Later, as the sun sets and the autumn cold rolls in, I dress for a fun dinner downtown: Cue a sparkly dress and boots. That night, I watch Gilmore Girls until I fall asleep.


We wake up at the break of dawn and go for a hike. Nothing to kick-start a day of textbook readings like a pretty view and thermos coffee. Afterall, even the perfect weekend includes homework. When the mountain air has cleared our heads, we return and stop at Grit for a treat. Before camping out for the rest of the day at a library of our choosing, we pop in at the bookstore on the Corner and sift through the paperbacks as the morning rays put on a light-show by the window. By nightfall, it’s time for a clay face-mask and a romance novel. Maybe I’ll have tea, for the aesthetic. 

Here’s to a relaxing (and even simple) weekend soon!

Bettina is a second year at the University of Virginia. She loves painting, baking, and planning eclectic events! She hopes you enjoy her various takes on topics that inspire her.