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10 Healthy Food Substitutes for Spring

The sun is finally out and it’s sundress season. Yet, with too much work and play, many of us have left gym time on the backburner. So, we turn to diets- trading in some of our favorites for their bland alternatives in the hope of shedding that winter weight. However, some of those sacrifices are actually unhealthy. Here are some trades that you can feel good about this spring.


1.    Whole eggs instead of egg whites

Anyone in an omelet line of college girls picks up on the trend of “egg whites please.” Little do these girls know, they aren’t actually doing much for their health. The central issue of whole eggs centers around higher cholesterol, but studies have shown that this actually has minimal effects. Additionally, while cramming for exams, students are missing out on choline found in the yolk, which is important for brain health!

2.    Coffee instead of tea

Tea seems to be the new trend, but if coffee is what you prefer- stick with it. Coffee, although frequently deemed unhealthier than tea, has multiple known health benefits. From increasing your metabolism to reducing your risk of skin cancer, coffee helps its loyal consumers with more than just an extra boost in the morning.

3.    Beer instead of liquor

While beer on college campuses is frequently regarded as the frat boy drink of choice, if you enjoy beer, drink up (in moderation)! Beer is actually 93 percent water, so it will keep you more hydrated during the hot daytime parties this spring.

4.    A little sugar instead of no sugar

Dieters consistently seem to eliminate all foods that they wish they were having from their diet- sugar being one of them. If a little bit of sugar will make you eat a healthy food–go for it. It’s better to get your daily fruit intake than not at all.

5.    Frozen vegetables instead of fresh

College girls rejoice. Anyone on a budget is looking for ways to cut back and it seems that all of the healthiest foods are the most expensive. So, although fresh produce is yummy, know that it is no healthier than the frozen produce a few aisles over. By flash-freezing produce, producers ensure that the nutrient levels are maintained.

6.    Burger instead of certain salads

Look around any restaurant and you will find at least one table that fits the stereotype–a girl with a salad and a guy with a burger. Little did the girl know, the burger she craves across the table from her is actually healthier (with some exceptions of course). At numerous restaurant chains around the country, the salads are actually packed with so many fattening ingredients, like croutons and dressing, that customers would be better off treating themselves to a juicy burger.

7.    Avocado instead of mayonnaise

While mayonnaise is obviously unhealthy, some people are unaware of just how many benefits they reap from avocados and don’t consider avocado a mayonnaise substitute. However, it is a great idea. Avocados are not only a source of healthy fat, but they also have many nutrients. Instead of putting mayonnaise on your next sandwich, substitute avocado. Not only is it better for you, but tastier as well. 

8.    Sourdough bread instead of whole wheat bread

Anyone on a diet in a sandwich shop automatically orders whole wheat bread, but good news for people who secretly hate whole wheat–sourdough is healthy! The lactic acid in sourdough helps with nutrient absorption and it is overall easily digested.

9.    Normal yogurt instead of light yogurt

It’s time to stop reaching for all products labeled “light,” especially yogurt. Light yogurt contains artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, which have been proven unhealthy. Instead, opt for nonfat plain yogurt.

10. Normal peanut butter instead of reduced fat

Just as everyone reaches for the “light” version of yogurt, people are commonly fooled into buying the reduced fat version of peanut butter. However, they do so before checking the label, which indicates the reduced fat version is higher in sugar. Stick with the normal kind in moderation, or better yet opt for natural peanut butter. The extra sugar does no good for your health.

Clearly, many of the products marketed to us as healthy are giving our bodies little to no rewards. The key to staying slim is moderation. Take these trades into account and you will have a more healthful spring!

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