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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UTSA chapter.

“Okay this week is the week I am going to start working out, I swear!”

If the amount of times I have told myself this was actually the amount of times I have worked out, then I would be hella fit! Unfortunately, sticking to working out on a regular schedule is not that easy but at the same time, it can be easy.

I know that probably every girl wants a good, “fit” body and it is totally achievable. But yeah, we are not all going to be the same body type and end up looking like John Cena (even though he is extremely handsome). Our bodies are all different so what “fit” may look good on someone may not look like that on someone else. I am here to let you all know that everyone starts somewhere, the process can be challenging but rewarding in the end.

Not everyone has the time to go to the gym five times a week especially if in the beginner stage of working out (…uhh me, I’m a beginner). To start, try going to the gym twice a week or if you do not have a gym membership do some home workouts. Pinterest is the go-to app for finding great workouts to do at home!

“But what part of my body do I work out??”

This is a typical question and it honestly depends on you. If you want stronger arms work on arms, if you want stronger legs work on legs. I would say that cardio is an all-around type of workout and kind of fun! Running, swimming, jumping rope, going on the elliptical, and using the stair climber are all great forms of cardio that will get your blood pumping for sure. If that is all you can do because weightlifting might seem too intimidating at first, then cardio your way to the weights!

Now, food… I know Chick- fil-A is the spot (especially on college campus’),but try to cut the fast food down to once a week and maybe once on the weekends. You do not have to go cold turkey on delicious foods but try to portion everything you eat. Substitute some meals with smoothies or eat smaller meals throughout the day.

I am no expert on working out and eating right, but I hope the advice I have given on a beginner route has helped. So, go out, get your blood pumping, and have a smoothie instead of the 12-count meal at Chick-fil-A!


Hi, I'm Natalie and am a junior at UTSA! Born and raised in San Antonio, I basically live at La Cantera mall. Catch me writing, reading or laughing too much!