What It's Like to Be Nice for a Day

Being kind is so wholesome and let's be honest, we all have the need to be wholesome. Raise your hand if you consider yourself to be a nice person. Did you raise your hand? If so, then good for you,  I'm glad you feel that way about yourself. If not, same here. I can be nice to strangers, but when it comes to those I am close with I am a total bitch. No harm done, of course, but if I'm being honest, I know for a fact that my life would be a whole lot better if I was a tad kinder. 

So, I went on Pinterest for some kindness inspiration. And yes, I understand that one cannot become a Disney princess overnight, but an asshole can only hope. Anyway, I found a lot of good tips and tricks to become a nicer person. I was very excited to take on this task, so I decided to try out my new persona on people at school. 

I started my morning by saying “Gooooodmorningggg!” to my parents. They looked at me with a very confused face and said, “Wow, what do you want?” I was offended and headed off to school. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Am I really mean?” It was a discouraging morning. 

My shuttle ride to campus was kinda the same but, kinda different, I actually took out my headphones and looked up from my phone during my eight-minute ride. I made awkward eye contact with a random girl so, instead of making an awkward/ugly face I decided to smile. The poor random girl must have thought I was a loon. 

Next up, it was time to conquer the classroom. My first class is Technical Writing, and no it is not as fun as it sounds. No one in this class smiles and if they do, it’s because they’re on their phones. Anyway, I sat down next to my partner, Matt (made up name), who is very indie and pretty okay. We started the class by talking about our weekend and guess what… I actually listened. Yes, I know, apparently when I was mean I never listened to what anyone has to say. Up next I said bless you to some random guy that sits across from me. Normally, I just ignore it or forget I even heard a sneeze in the first place. 

So far, being nice has not been that hard. I was proud of myself, no eye-rolling or scoffing, life was good. Lunchtime came around and things became… difficult. Now, it was time to hang out with my friends. Fun fact: my friends are clowns. By clowns I mean very foolish and I love them to death. Jokes were not said nor were insults (loving insults). I can’t believe that I suppressed my humor to be nice. But, we did have a great time. 

In conclusion, pretending to be nice is different than trying to be nice. I actually thought about what I was going to say before it came out of my mouth. My mind was quiet in a way and it was weird. Being kind was so beautiful, I felt like a different person. I want to make sure that those reading this know that I am nice, it’s just that my sense of humor is not the nicest. So, if you think you’re a bitch, believe me, you’re not, it’s probably just your face or your humor.