An Open Letter To My Long-Term BFF About My New BFF

To my best friend,


First things first, I love you. You have been my best friend for years and we have gone through so much together. We’ve both gained and lost other friends in the duration of our friendship and I’m so happy I’ve had you through everything. We went through high school together and dealt with everything that came with living in a small town including all the drama and the stress. Then graduation came around and our paths took different turns.

I got my first job after a year in college and seeing you became a lot harder. When work picked up, I spent a lot of my days there and that’s when I started to make other friends. I quickly became close friends with a coworker and she is now one of my best friends. I want you to understand that me making friends doesn’t make me love you any less. She’s a good person and I want you to like her.

You act like she’s the worst person in the world, and when I bring her up, you make a face. You insult her even when you don’t know her. She has given you things and done favors on my behalf for you and I wish you would understand that. She’s there for me, helps me through situations, and gives me another perspective to things. She may not know as much about me as you do, but she knows enough. She’s there for me when I need to vent about my family or boyfriend and gives me advice when I need it. I want to be able to tell you stories about her and how she’s helped me with things, but I’m hesitant to do so. If you got to know her, I’m sure you would like her.

After high school, we did lose a lot of friends, and from our old group, we’re the only ones that still keep in touch. Having other best friends is not something I could  lose you over and I want to promise you that you are not going to lose me. No matter how many friends I have, you will always be my number one. I will always be here for you when you need me. Our lives have taken different directions, but we will always be together. You have become my sister and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Your best friend