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My Top 5 Beauty Products I’ve Tried This Year

Here are some of my favorite new beauty products I have tried this year. Some of these were trending on TikTok, some were very lucky Christmas presents, and others just caught my eye as I was strolling through Target (this is a regular occurrence for me because I don’t tell Target what I’m buying, Target tells me). Whether or not these products were gifts or impulse buys, they have all made their way into my routine.

#1: Odele air dry styler

In my 18 years of life, I have yet to successfully blow-dry my hair. It consistently ends up more frizzy than curly and there are always sections at the bottom that never fully dry. So, I have started letting my hair air-dry completely using the Odele Air Dry Styler. After brushing, apply the styler evenly throughout your hair and go about the rest of your day! I am finally able to leave my hair natural after washing it, because this product gets rid of frizz and even conditions it in the process.

#2: denman brush

After I washed my hair, I also avoided using hairbrushes because they tended to turn my curls into bushy waves. However, TikTok introduced me to the Denman Brush, which allows you to detangle your curls while they remain intact.

#3: Tom ford lip balm

Remember when everyone on TikTok was wearing that lipstick that made their lips sparkle like nobody’s business. That was the Tom Ford Soleil Balm Frost Lip Balm. It is definitely an investment and not on the affordable end, but there are plenty of cheaper dupes that you can find online. Definitely worth the purchase to complete your look at all of the Euphoria-themed parties coming up.

#4: jade roller

Jade rollers have been a part of ladies’ skincare routines since the early 17th century. It wasn’t until recently that they fell into the hand of beauty gurus and made their way into mainstream media. They have a variety of benefits such as stimulating circulation, aiding your body’s natural detoxification process, and reducing puffiness and inflammation. In addition to these benefits, you will probably find yourself getting carried away while giving yourself a quick and relaxing massage every morning.

#5: diva cup

This one isn’t necessarily a beauty product, but I had to include it. Diva Cups, or menstrual cups of any kind, have been a life-changer for me. I will admit they are much harder to insert than tampons so they take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to go back. You can wear them for up to 12 hours at a time, wear them safely to bed, and there is no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Although they aren’t cheap, they last for up to 5 years depending on how well you take care of them, so it’s a much better investment than buying pads and tampons every few months. An added perk is that they are much better for the environment because they produce almost no waste. The only downside is that you might forget that you’re on your period when you use it because they are so hassle-free, but that is something I am very willing to put up with.

Hello! My name is Natasha and I'm a Public Health major. I love to play volleyball, dance, and my favorite TV show is Criminal Minds. Like most of Gen Z, I am obsessed with astrology (cancer sun, leo moon, libra rising!).
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