My Realistic 6 AM Morning Routine

I’d like to tell you about how I start my day with a bit of sunrise yoga, then move into an hour of gratitude journaling whistle sipping on some lemon water. But I have to be real, that’s not how my mornings usually ever. This, however, is what my mornings tend to look like:


6 AM ━ Wake up:


Shock that I’m actually awake:


Confusion because it’s now 6:30 AM and my second alarm is going off and I have no idea what happened to the past 30 minutes:


Disorientation as I stumble to the bathroom:


Panic as my third alarm starts blaring from my room, with the door wide open, while I’m still in the bathroom worrying it’s going to wake my roommate up:


Ponderance as to whether my roommate is even in her room because her light is always on…?


Unsurprised when I look in the mirror and see my under eyes looking even more shadowed and corpse-like:


Annoyance when my fourth alarm goes off and it’s already 7 AM and all I’ve done was fumble around half asleep:


7:30 AM ━ Already fading fast but at least by now I’m either making breakfast or heading out the door to get it:


Somehow it’s now 8:30 AM, the food is gone, and now I have a burst of energy...or so I think:


I’m not sure what time it usually happens, but remember that burst of energy I mentioned before? Yeah, that was a joke! I’m dead now. All function is gone━I’m a zombie and it takes me an unnecessary amount of time to do simple tasks.


10 AM ━ Finally, the golden hour! It’s crunch time now which means that anything important basically needs to be done now. The rest of my morning may be a flop but now is show time.


Now I know what you may be thinking, why not just sleep in until 10 AM? Well, it’s simple, I don’t think I’d be able to be as productive as I am if I slept in, plus I am productive sometimes before 10 AM, this was just a glimpse of my past week which was a bit of a rough one for me.