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My Favorite Time of the Year and I’m Not Talking About Christmas


Now I know everyone’s favorite time of the year is usually around the holidays, and I know why: the decorations, the holiday parties, the excuse to eat whatever you and not start your diet till after the new year’s. I get it; I really do. But my favorite time of the year is the week right after Christmas when stores have their annual end-of-the-year sale. That is my favorite holiday—nothing I love more than seeing things marked down to 50 and 75% off their original price. 

My two all-time favorite stores in the whole world are Zara and H&M, about 95% of the time, and I am usually wearing something from either of these stores. These two stores are my go-to stores because it’s fairly priced and they always have the latest trends, and usually their clothes will last me a few years. It’s truly a win all around the board. But every year, the day after Christmas, Zara has their annual end-of-the-year sale, and IT’S TO DIE FOR! They only have a sale twice a year, and when they do, they go hard. Literally, every single thing is on sale, and it’s a madhouse. I usually take the day off work for this event. I wish I were kidding, but I’m not. And I end up spending hours in the store just looking through everything making sure I don’t miss the perfect dress or blouse that I just have to take home with me. They also have a sale in the summertime, and it isn’t quite as big as their sale after Christmas, but a sale is a sale, and we all know how much I love a sale. 

Luckily, when it comes to H&M, they usually have more than two sales a year, but just like Zara, their biggest sale is usually the one after Christmas. They usually don’t have as big of a sale as Zara, but they still have a good collection, and I can guarantee you that you will leave with a few great pieces. And liked I referenced earlier, they have more than two sales a year, so there is a good chance that you can walk into H&M at any time and find a sale section. I just talked about my personal favorite stores but also stores like Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Forever 21 have big after Christmas sales that you will for sure find some great deals. 

Hi! I'm Maddie and I am a senior at UTSA! Here on my account, you will find all the things that I love, which is fashion, wine, and Mexican food. I'm convinced there is nothing better than platform shoes, statement earrings, a face mask and some chips and queso! Here on my page I will keep y'all updated with the newest fashion, self care routines and cooking recipes!
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