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Academic burnout is something that happens to a lot of us in college. You feel less motivated, more irritable, and more exhausted. But, it’s something that is easily treatable and recognizing you’re experiencing burnout is the first step to recovering and prevention in the future.

Burnout can appear differently in everyone. However, some common signs are:
1. Exhaustion. No matter how much sleep you get you still feel run down and tired.
2. Decreased Motivation. You don’t feel like you have the drive to go to class, start/complete assignments.
3. Increased Irritability. You are lashing out at others out of frustration.
4. Failure to Meet Deadlines. You find yourself missing due dates not just for classwork but possibly at work too.
5. Increased Pain and Tension. It can be different for everyone, but most commonly it can manifest as headaches.
6. Feelings of Anxiety and Depression. These signs are typically the most severe. If you are experiencing these, please get in contact with counseling services on campus, which are free for students. UTSA Student Wellbeing Services-Counseling

There are ways to combat these symptoms of burnout and help you identify what works to prevent it from happening again.
1. Make Time for Activities. Schedule your time! Make time to do activities you enjoy and get out of your room. Sprinkle things you enjoy throughout the week to break up the monotony of school.
2. Physical Exercise. This isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, but at least 20 minutes of physical exercise can help you destress.
3. Set Reasonable Goals. Get a calendar and write out your goals for the week. Make sure they are reasonable as to not to overwhelm yourself. My favorite weekly calendar is: Weekly Desktop Calendar with Goals
4. Take a Step Back. There is no shame in admitting when things become too much. Take a step back. Whether it be easing up on course load, taking a break from extracurriculars, or even just cutting back on hours at work, if you need to.

The most important thing to remember is that this happens to more people than you know. You are not alone. Find what works for you. You can overcome burnout and bounce back!

I'm Megan, I'm a Sophomore at UTSA studying Biology and a USAF veteran. Some of my interests include Netflix, fitness, traveling with my husband and kids, and volunteering. When I'm not focused on school I'm spending time with my husband, 3 boys, and our dogs. Follow me on instagram @shutup_mmmeggg
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