Getting Over An Almost Relationship

Something I’ve realized these past few years is that getting over someone you almost dated, is just as hard as getting over someone you actually dated. Being in college, it's easy to meet new guys and have flings, but never officially date. From my experience, it hasn’t gotten easier to face the fact that someone might just not be that into you or necessarily want to give off the same energy as you do. I'm still a heartbroken mess at the end of the day, but the period of time it takes to get over each guy tends to get shorter and shorter after each boy -- slowly but surely.




So you meet a guy, go on some dates, and you feel like everything is going great. But after a while, things start to fizzle and you feel like they aren't all that into you anymore. What really breaks my heart when this happens is thinking about what COULD have happened between the two of you. Whenever I think back at all the texts exchanged, snaps we sent each other all day everyday, and how much fun we had going out on dates really eats at me thinking, “What did I do wrong?” or “Would it have worked out if I did something different?”




At some point this last time I got my little heart broken I realized, why should I be giving someone the time of day who at this point doesn’t want anything to do with me? It’s okay to be sad, upset, or even confused. Coming to the conclusion that the relationship won’t work out might be even worse, but there are always more fish in the sea.



At the end of the day I realize that one day I will meet someone who has that same kind of feeling for me, and doesn’t make me question whether or not they want to be around me or are just bored on their phone. Until then, I am dedicating my time to building my self confidence and learning about myself, which is also best for anyone else in this kind of situation.