Embrace Uncertainty

Let’s talk about uncertainty. We all experience it at some point. You know what I mean:

Is it really okay if I skip class...again?

Is this the right major for me?

Should I just drop out now? Maybe I should just be a stripper.

Should I work part-time? Full-time? Should I get an Internship?

It’s the uneasy sloshing as our stomach turns and coils. It’s the swell of anxiety that fills our chests. It’s the shaking of our hands and the quaking of our voice.


But it’s time we stop letting uncertainty get the best of us. Don’t be frightened by it━embrace it. Embrace the unknowns that may━or may not━come next. Take advantage of uncertainty and let it guide you━let it challenge you to exercise your imagination and your instinct.


Become a serial decision maker, and don’t waste your time on regret. If you don’t know how something will turn out, why not try it and find out? Jump bravely into your next decision as you make your own path toward happiness. And if you stumble along the way, all you have to do is get right back up.


If the shaking and the quaking return, and you find yourself sloshing around, filled to the brim with anxiety once again, simply start over. Start right where you are. We all forget how young we truly are, and how much time we really have. There is no rush to have it all figured out right now. So if you don’t know, then just embrace the uncertainty━and the opportunity that comes with it.


You’ll figure it out one day, but for now, just let yourself be uncertain.