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Every day I awake, I find new friends.

Some of them are shy, others are out there!

I always wonder how they got here.

Maybe they arrived last night, maybe this morning.


Either way, they sneak their way in.

They never fail to get under my skin.


These “friends” ground themselves within my dermis,

Teasing and irritating with no reason or  a purpose.

They even send their kids, sebum and bacteria, to play.

Prancing and dancing, they plant red flowers.

All…under…my… skin.


I’ve been getting new friends like these ever since middle school,

And I hoped and prayed they’d be the annoying ones I just outgrew.


I always wonder why they never left…

why they leave their traces on my face.

why they always find a way to make me feel bad about myself.

why they steal the spotlight during conversation, every time.

why they turned me into an awkward girl who walks with her head down.

why they keep me up at night ‘til my pillow is soaked.

Tears of frustration, hurt from their toxic, self-induced, unwanted presence.


I’ll never understand why I attract these friends,

But one thing is for sure:

I am wonderfully and fearfully made, most of all in HIS image. (Psalm 139:14)

I am a Creative Writing Major I am an Aspiring travel writer I love the outdoors I love meeting new people and making friends
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