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Have you ever worked out so hard, but after, you didn’t feel like you accomplished much? Maybe switching up the environment can add a little bit of that spark that’s been lacking. Working out shouldn’t be something you dread; it should feel like you just conquered the f****** world. Recently I started up a new Instagram that is solely about what I eat in a day, my insecurities, my workouts, etc., and if you live in the San Antonio and/or Austin area, it may benefit you (@madis_inspo). I’m going to review different workout styles, classes, and workout places. 

Recently, I tried out The Union. The first week for new clients is only $25, and it’s unlimited classes. So, you can try out each kind of class they offer at either of their locations. I went to both the Park Oaks location and the Huebner location in San Antonio. The Park Oaks location is more aesthetically pleasing than the Huebner location. The studio is just a lot bigger and even offers more CrossFit Style workout classes. The classes I tried at the union were hot yoga, hot HIIT workout, and hot barre. I tried the Bikram 90 Hot Yoga class, and personally, it was just way too long. It is 90 minutes in a 95° room, and sadly it wasn’t as relaxing as other hot yoga places I’ve tried (way more technical). The hot HIIT workout was so much fun. A HIIT workout is high-intensity interval training, and in a HIIT workout, it is short increments of time where you go 100% then straight to 0%. Doing a HIIT workout in a heated class kicked my ass, but the upbeat music really kept me going. My first time trying a hot barre class was at the union, and I loved it. Barre workouts target less active muscles repetitively, which results in toning of the body. All of these classes were heated, and because of that, you burn twice as many calories, and after, you feel so rejuvenated because you sweat it all out. The classes are awesome, but they can be pricey. For a drop-in class at the union, it is $25, and if you pay monthly for a year, it is $129 per month for unlimited classes. If you pay in full for a year, it is $1,349. If you want to purchase a 10 class card, it is $149. Lastly, one month unlimited straight up is $180. You can do family packages as well. Overall, I did love the classes, but it’s just not a bang for your buck.

Another trendy yoga place in San Antonio is Black Swan Yoga. Personally, I didn’t like the hot yoga class they offered called “flow.” The room was only set to 90 degrees, and I wanted to get a sweat on. Maybe it was the instructor, but the music that was played wasn’t soothing yoga music; t was more upbeat rap music. When I sign up for a hot yoga class, I like to sweat it all out and relax, but sadly I didn’t. The cool thing about Black Swan Yoga is that it’s donation-based. You can have a subscription for $88 a month, which is a lot cheaper than other places, or you can choose from different donation prices per class. Donations range from $10-$25, going up in increments of $5. All around, the vibe wasn’t what I was looking for, but it’s a cute, trendy, and cheap alternative!

The last place I’m going to review is Tru Fusion in San Antonio. I follow their Instagram (which I will drop below) that posts promotions. For each week of March, they offer different free classes, so I went ahead and tried out the free classes they were offering last weekend. I went to the location at The Rim, and it’s so nice. I tried the “tru barefoot boot camp” and the hot barre class. The “tru barefoot boot camp” was heated and consisted of a combination of a HIIT workout with Pilates, including kettlebells. What was different about this hot barre class was that they included resistance bands and balls. The music was upbeat, and the trainers really knew what they were doing. The studio was big and they provided a way bigger variety of different workouts. They provide hot pilates, hot barre, boot camps, cycling, boxing, hot yoga, etc. After the workout, there’s even a little fridge of cold scented rags that you can use. This place even includes a men’s and women’s locker room. The cutest part is is that there’s a really healthy coffee, juice, and food place called Revolucion connected to the building. If you’re a new member, you get half off your first month which is $90 a month; if you want to have a membership for six months, it is $165 a month; if you want a membership for a year, it is $150 a month; and if you want unlimited, it is $189 a month. Tru Fusion is definitely worth the bang for your buck because you get so many different types of classes with included equipment. (@trufusion_satxrim)

Classes may motivate you more than you think because there are people around you that push you to work harder. Getting over the social anxiety of being in a class may benefit you not just physically but mentally. Having a trainer there for support makes you work 10 times harder.

Hi! I'm Madi Smith! I'm a freshman, but with credits, I am a sophomore. I love to workout, meet new people, and make food!