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If you’re looking for ways to kill time, look no further than TikTok. TikTok has exploded since it was created 6 years ago, thanks to lockdowns around the world.

Here are some of my favorite creators that I recommend following!

  1. @drewafualo
    Drew is probably my favorite person right now. She is doing the Lord’s work by obliterating some of the worst toxic masculinity I’ve seen in awhile. She completely picks apart their videos, and gives them a huge reality check. Her laugh is also a selling point for me. As soon as I hear the laugh, I immediately laugh too, and know I’m about to watch her become a misogynist’s worst nightmare.
  2. @justevanfaunce
    His videos showing the men’s side to dating are straight up hilarious. We get a glimpse into men and their friendships (even if they are imitating what they think women do everyday). This man and his friends are just out here trying to put a smile on people’s faces, and we thank them for it.
  3. @lizzo
    If you aren’t following her already, what are you doing with your life? Lizzo is a straight up QUEEN. Whether she’s giving us different salads, or trying the latest food trend, she’s always giving quality content.
  4. @john_prewitt
    You don’t have to have a Peloton to enjoy his videos. Watching John pretend to be a Peloton instructor and the stories he tells always cracks me up. If Peloton doesn’t officially make him apart of their brand, they’re doing something wrong.

I'm Megan, I'm a Sophomore at UTSA studying Biology and a USAF veteran. Some of my interests include Netflix, fitness, traveling with my husband and kids, and volunteering. When I'm not focused on school I'm spending time with my husband, 3 boys, and our dogs. Follow me on instagram @shutup_mmmeggg
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