10 Things Only Girls With Thick Thighs Understand

They say that if you're thighs touch, you're just one step closer to being a mermaid. While that's cool and all, if you have thick legs, you know it wasn't all fun and games. If you can answer "yes," to any of these questions, there's a good chance you're a girl with thick thighs. Welcome to the club!

1. Waist Gap

You’ve also probably dealt with the daily struggle of ripping the belt loops of many a pair of pants in an effort to keep them where they should be on your waist. You’ve probably had the internal struggle with yourself on whether to get the size 4 in those cute shorts, because that’s your actual waist size or getting the size 6 so they don’t ride up your thighs or suffocate them. You’ve probably sucked it up and gotten the 6, because you didnt want to have sausage thighs, resulting in your pants looking like this:

2. Bathing Suit Shopping is Actually the Worst

It’s honestly just impossible to find a set that will both fit your top and bottom at the same time. You’ve probably spent over an hour in Victoria Secret with a medium or small top in your hand trying to find a large bottom to fit your butt and thighs

3. Chubby Chafe

You’ve gone to extreme measures to avoid the painful chafing that happens between your thighs in the heat like rubbing deodorant in that spot, reapplying lotion 50 times, or buying special & expensive creams to prevent it.

4. Jean Shopping in an Actual Nightmare

You’ve cried tears of frustration to your mom in the dressing room at some time during your adolescence, because you just didn’t understand why you didn’t look the same as all of your friends in skinny jeans. If they don’t have some type of Lycra, they are a no-go.

5. Your Thighs Talk to You While You Run

"You go girl! Finish that last mile! Beyonce would finish that last Mile!" *jiggle jiggle*


6. Crossing your Legs is a Physical Chore

You've asked yourself ' "Is it really worth the effort? Can I adjust my leg fat discreetly?" You've answered "no" to both, and sat there with both feet on the floor awkwardly.

7. Cellulite is Inevitable

Even if you are the most avid runner, or incredibly in shape, you've accepted the fact that there will always be a little dimpling there. 

8. Everything is always too Short.

In an effort to not look like a potato, you've tried and failed to find dresses, skirts, and shorts that can accommodate your smaller waist, and not be inappropriately short due to your legs. 

9. The Bullying

You've cried to your mom on the drive home from school one day after one of the popular girls called you fat, or the guy you had a crush on called you thunder thighs. 


10. You Love Your Legs

Through all the negatives, you’ve come to love your legs. There's nothing wrong with being "thicker than a Snicker," and you wouldn't have it any other way. Your legs are thick, your legs are powerful, your legs are beautiful!

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