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As we celebrate the month of Women, I decided to make a post of the women I admire in my life and who I find inspirational.

1. Kali Uchis (artist/singer)

This Colombian-American singer has the velvety vocals of an angel and the face of Aphrodite. She is a strong, talented woman who takes no beef from anyone and sends out supportive messages to her fans on an almost daily basis. Her recent single, ‘After The Storm’, talks about how people never quite know what other people go through on their own and that we shouldn’t judge others because we don’t live in their shoes. 

2. IamKareno (Youtuber,public figure)

Karen has accomplished so much for just a 21-year-old, like starting her own clothes brand (which I recommend). She is a big inspiration to me when it comes to her fashion style and makeup, and to be frank her photogenic face is just so pleasing to look at. 

3. Zooey Deschanel (actress, singer) 

When I was around 15 years old in freshman year, I first watched ‘500 Days of Summer’ and immediately fell in love with Zooey’s big, blue eyes and her quirky appearance. Since then, I have become a supporting fan of hers and everything she does, including her often hiatuses on Instagram and almost-permanent bangs. 

4. Mariska Hargitay (actress) 

The way Mariska’s character Olivia Benson stayed as a detective in the show for about 13 years then became a Lieutenant is amazing and perfectly represents women moving up the ranks on TV. Even though 95 percent of the original cast has long gone (RIP Elliot Stabler, John Munch and Captain Cragen), I still love to sit on my bed on Wednesday nights to see the new Law and Order episode. I’ve been watching Mariska’s brave, powerful and humble character for almost 12 years that I subconsciously now think that’s how she is a real person. 

5. Illiana Luna (UTRGV TV Stage Manager) 

Moving on from famous role models, I’d like to appreciate a local role model in my life, the school’s TV stage manager Illiana Luna. Since volunteering as a reporter this January, I’ve seen how hardworking Illiana is and how she has to juggle with both school and work life. She and the other female reporters at the station sacrifice hours to get the perfect story delivered to UTRGV students. And for that I thank you.

6. Laura (Stephanie) De Leon (HC Chief Editor) 

It’s refreshing to see women in high positions in organizations around school, including our very own Her Campus chief editor, Laura De Leon. I met Laura last semester in the fall but it wasn’t till this semester that I really hit it off with her. I got to see how funny a person she is, especially how she’s socially awkward and quiet but has a fake (and very loud) voice for broadcast audio projects. 

That’s a wrap for my women role models. Whether they’re fictional, family relatives, or famous who are your women role models?

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