New UTRGV Radio Show: On the Scene with Science

As kids we always asked questions – why is the sky blue? Why do birds fly? Why do we only have two arms?

As adults, we generally ask less questions. Of course we don’t know the answer to everything, but perhaps the process of questioning has lost its significance to us. But I think there’s still a curious child in each of us that wonders about all sorts of random things.

With “On the Scene with Science” I hope to explore different aspects of this universe we live in, and the universes that exist within us. “On the Scene with Science” is a new show I am hosting on UTRGV Radio that will air live on Thursdays, from 2 to 3 pm.

I will be covering interesting science topics, reviewing some important findings that week and interviewing faculty, staff and students in STEM about their life stories.

I will also be playing what I call ‘good vibe’ music throughout. This Thursday the show will air for the first time.

Anyone can listen online, through this link:

 Or you can listen with the TuneIn app, just search for UTRGV Radio.