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Four Ways to Prevent Being Late

College students often feel overwhelmed. At times, even the smallest things will have us stressing out, especially when we are running late to class, AGAIN. This could possibly be a result of poor time management. Here are a few tips that will get you out the door on time and simplify your life.


Plan Your Outfit Ahead of Time

All girls know the struggle of waking up and not knowing what to wear. Leggings, loose t-shirt, and tennis shoes or that cute blouse you had been saving for a special occasion, pants and booties. Making such a decision early in the morning when you’re running late for that 8 a.m. class can be a struggle. When it comes to outfits, the best way to save time is to plan your outfit the night before, maybe even pick out two different ones, and choose the one that best fits your mood the next morning. Say bye to the clothes all over your bed and early morning mental breakdowns.

Style Your Hair The Night Before

When it comes to beauty sleep, we all know every minute makes a difference. Use your time wisely, and spend 30 extra minutes in bed.  To avoid worrying about a hairstyle, straighten your hair the night before and you’ll wake up ready to go! And if you’re a curly haired, you might have to retouch a bit, but that will take half as much time as doing it all in the morning. Another way to wake up with great hair is to braid it while damp at night, this will create natural waves without the use of heat products.

No, Not Later

Has it ever occurred to you that if you cleaned up after yourself immediately after making a mess, you’d never need an entire day to clean your room? Pick up after yourself, keep everything organized, and don’t say you’ll do it later. That ‘later’ becomes never and you’ll find it impossible to find what you’re looking for when you’re rushing out the door to make it to class on time.

Do Not Multitask

It has been scientifically proven multiple times that multitasking is impossible, so please stop and give up. Your English assignment might only take 45 minutes to complete, but since you are listening to music, texting, or watching “just one more episode” of Netflix, you will probably take two hours. If you want to more efficiently do your homework, focus solely on your assignment. Yes, we all agree, silence while working can be uncomfortable, but remember that you will be able to focus on one thing at a time and get it done sooner.


So there you have it! Four ways to help make your life a little easier. They aren’t always fun, and occasionally we all slip, but keeping these things in mind is a great way to minimize stress. We’re in college, it’s hard enough as it is! Hope these tips work for you, because they’ve done wonders for me!

Kenia is a junior at UTRGV pursuing a degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in broadcast journalism. She is part of the university's dance team and works as a reporter for the UTRGV TV. 
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