The Flux, Arcade and Nostalgia Factory

If you live in the Valley you will almost always find yourself saying, "There is nothing to do!" Well I can safely say that there is plenty to do in the Valley, you just need to look for it. 

This past week, a group from a class and I were assigned to go and find a unique place in the Valley to showcase in a video. We were stumped and couldn't think of a single place to go to. Then we had our idea, to visit a local arcade in McAllen, Texas, The Flux. 

The Flux is a great hole in the wall arcade/store. The front of the store is an actually store, there you can find vintage toys, collectible and old video games and consoles. The back of the building is where the actual games are. Once you walk through a curtain you find yourself in a dark room filled with neon lights emanating from the consoles, black lights on the ceiling and throwback music. 

Check out the video to see how our trip to The Flux: