Reasons to Join Her Campus

Maybe you’ve heard of Her Campus, but you aren’t very familiar with it. Maybe you’ve seen some of the articles posted on social media or friends promoting their articles. Maybe you received a free sample bag at one of our campus handouts. It doesn’t matter how you heard about us, we’re glad you’ve found us! If you have a love for writing or if you want to test out a hidden passion, consider joining Her Campus. Whether you’ve already been thinking about joining Her Campus or just found out about it, here’s some of the reasons why you should go ahead and join.


Her Campus is all about building girls up instead of tearing them down!

We encourage one another. We write for one another. It’s all about girls supporting other girls. It’s a pretty neat thing that you won’t find everywhere. You can always find relatable articles which lets you know that you’re not alone in any of the struggles you face. The articles are comforting, helpful, funny and more. There’s something for everyone!


Writing can be enjoyable!

I think we can all agree that long essays that we’re required to do are no fun to write. Writing for Her Campus, on the other hand, can be lots of fun. You get to write about things that you actually want to write about. You can write fun articles, sappy articles, spotlight articles, or whatever else you want! These articles are written in fun tones and are never boring.


There are so many neat opportunities!

You get the chance to meet new people and do fun things just for the sake of writing an article about it. You’re motivated to attend events on and off campus for experiences and memories that are sure to last. You get out of your comfort zone and learn more about yourself in the process. Also, you receive survival kits every now and then, and they’re awesome!


It’s fun!

I have had so much fun by being a part of Her Campus. It’s such a joy to meet with the other girls in Her Campus and talk about handouts on campus or getting our survival kits in.


There’s so many more reasons for you to join, but hopefully this list gives you a little taste of all the great things in store for you if you do decide to join. Give it some thought and talk to a member of your local chapter if you have any questions about it! I promise it’s worth a try.