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Dates for College Students: Holiday Version

Here are a few ideas that you and your beau can do during these colder months of the year. Make some hot chocolate and take a notebook out, you do not want to miss this!


1. Pumpkin Carving:

Get the knives and an oversized orange, get your boyfriend and get to slicing! What better way to celebrate Halloween than the tradition of Jack-O-Lanterns?


2. Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch:

It seems like Green Acre Farm has been the spot for UTM students to take pictures in a patch! Ride on out to Milan and take basic pics with your honey.


3. Spooky Cookies:

Pillsbury Doughboy, we love you! From pumpkins, to ghosts and even Christmas trees, making these cookies can be super fun; and eating raw cookie dough is even better.


4. Turkey Cupcakes:

Gobble til you wobble! Make some cupcakes, get some candy corn and use chocolate icing as your glue! Look up directions using this link! https://www.familycircle.com/recipe/turkey-cupcakes/


5. Cook a Thanksgiving Supper Together:

Throw a turkey in the oven, mash some potatoes, add butter to your green beans, get your stuffing ready and cut up your cranberry sauce. Whoo! Thanksgiving dinner for two!


6. Christmas Lights:

Luckily, the Discovery Park is right down the road from good ole Martin, TN, and every year they decorate in the most festive way possible! Pile up in your car and head on over for a fun drive through the lights this year!


7. Ice Skating:

Want to go on a little adventure? Visit Olive Branch, MS, right outside of Memphis, and enjoy the most fun experience ever!


8. Christmas Tree Shopping:

Strap on your boots and gloves, ladies, and hand your man an ax. George Washington is coming out to play, but this time it’s an evergreen.


9. Build Gingerbread Houses:

Icing, candy and gingerbread? OH MY! Get those gumdrops ready!


10. Movies & Cuddle:

Netflix and Chill is for the weak. How about we take things to the next level with a cheesy Hallmark movie, some popcorn and some good snuggles to end a long day.


If you're looking for this girl, she's more than likely somewhere pushing a pull door. Courtney is from a small town in Tennessee. She is currently attending UTM with a major in Education. She's a coffee enthusiast, a dog lover, and likes to spend her free time with her mom. She's obsessed with her boyfriend Marshall and her main goal in life is to always be happy.
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