10 Things I Am Going to Miss About UT Martin

As my December graduation date quickly approaches, I definitely walk around the Quad slower than I usually do. Sometimes I get too caught up in the hassle of Senior year and getting that paper turned in or trying not to miss that application deadline, and I forget too easily all that this UTM Campus has given me in the past three and a half years. I can think of 10 things (and a million others) that I will miss the most.

1) The Quad Squirrels

You know you love them. At UTM, the squirrels will basically walk with you to class, and sometimes, I think we are more shocked to see them then they are to see us. I am definitely going to miss them running around and crossing the sidewalk on my way to class.

2) The Quad

There is absolutely nothing like The Quad during Homecoming. It is one of my favorite times of the year, and I feel it is truly when we unite as a campus. It is one of UTM’s biggest traditions and watching the football players take the Skyhawk Walk through the Quad on the way to Hardy-Graham Stadium will forever be etched in my mind. I will miss yelling across it to my friends on the other side and hanging my Eno Hammock in its trees. I have played countless games of Hide and Go Seek, Zombies v. Humans, Capture the Flag and Scavenger Hunts in our dear Quad and some of my fondest memories were made there.

3) Hardy Graham Stadium

Although UT Martin has never had the greatest student turnout at football games, I will miss watching our boys of fall play under the stadium lights and hearing the Skyhawk Band play the fight song everytime we scored a touchdown. Whenever we adopted the cowbell my junior year, it changed everything. Decorating our bells, tailgating big games with my friends, and getting dressed up for the Saturday games will go with me when I cross that graduation stage.

4) Faculty and Staff

UT Martin’s professors are the best. Speaking for Communication Students, I think we all have confided in Ms. Tomi’s real world advice, Dr. Freed’s deep thoughts and Dr. Robinson’s hard but honest truth about life when we leave college. UTM’s professors are truly like family. They want you to succeed in whatever you do and they will break their backs to help you do it. My favorite jobs have been working with UTM Housing and Campus Recreation because my bosses made coming to work fun and full of opportunity. I can honestly say that they have made my college experience impactful.  

5) Our Chancellor

How can anyone forget about Chancellor Smith’s videos? He was the best interim chancellor ever and I am so happy our legislative chambers are dedicated to him. He deserved it. He made everyone he came into contact with feel like UTM was home away from home. Then Dr. Carver came. If you know Dr. Keith Carver, you love Dr. Keith Carver. He totally flipped our campus upside down in a very positive way, and I’m pretty sure he knows all 8,000 of us by name.

6) The Random Things That Happened

    The Bird Cannon. Whenever everything was labeled, including the ground. Secret Skyhawk on Twitter. When Student Government Association tried to get guns on campus. The creepy clowns at The Station. Midnight Brunch in the Caf. Tony’s turned to Jack’s which turned to The Grind. When Martin Coffeehouse became everyone’s favorite place to study. When Stables shut down. And the list goes on and on and on.


    I fell in love with radio sitting behind the production desk in the studio of 220 Gooch Hall. I learned everything there is to learn about radio know within its walls. It was at WUTM that I discovered being a DJ is what I truly love to do, and broadcasting sports is one of my passions. I will forever be in debt to that college radio station and the professors that took a chance on me when they placed me in front of a microphone. I will miss my fellow Broadcast Communications students and how we were all our own little family.

8) Intramural Sports

    Intramurals were my way to destress and they kept me in some shape during my college days. They seemed to keep the glory days of high school still somewhat alive, and it was a way for us all to connect, laugh and hate each other all at the same time. I will miss holding up my shirt with “Champions” written across it year after year. However, I think I will miss the friends I made the most.

9) YoungLife

    UT Martin offers over 100 Student Organizations you can join. I never was really into Greek Life, so I joined another organization that gave me a different kind of community. I joined YoungLife my freshman year, and I will miss meeting with my core group of friends week after week talking about Jesus, life and what movie we were all going to see next.

10) The Mexican Restaurants

    As students, we tend to complain about the lack of food options we have here in Martin. However, when I leave, I think I am going to miss La Cabana, La Canasta and Los Portales. No kidding, we all probably go to one of them once or twice a week because what else is there to do in our little town? I have so many memories going to these restaurants and hanging out with my friends. Plus, who can forget La Cabana’s chicken, cheese and rice?