Tricks and Self Care Treats

The weather is starting to get colder and the trees are painting the mountains with fall colors. As we turn a new leaf into fall, it could be time to turn to some new self-care habits to help you get through the change in season. Whether it be getting through the semester or getting through your work schedule, taking a little bit of time for yourself each day is something that can make your days just a little bit brighter.

  1. 1. Journaling

    I recently started journaling and I can see a difference in my mental state and overall mindset. Journaling can seem like a chore and just one more thing to add to your day but it doesn’t have to be! You can journal any way you want: on a word doc, the notes app in your phone, a virtual notebook, or just a new notebook you vibed most within Target. Whichever way you chose, journaling is just a space to put your thoughts. By writing stuff down it gives you more space in your brain to process whatever you are going through and can spark a new thought process while you write!

  2. 2. Practicing Gratitude

    Being thankful or grateful is not something you only have to practice around the holidays. Practicing gratitude is something that makes you more aware of all of the wonderful things you experience throughout your day. Realizing all of the good that happens in a day whether it be a beautiful sunny day, saying hi to a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or just jumping into a nicely made bed with clean sheets; all of these things are something that can help you be aware that there is just a little bit of niceness in every day. Something I like to do is think of three things that I am grateful for while brushing my teeth every day!

  3. 3. Exercise

    I don’t mean you have to run every single day, but getting your body out and moving is super important! Moving your body is a good way to release some tension and take in your surroundings. Taking a short walk is something that can help clear some space in your brain to bring in new and happier things. It can also be a way to process your day and just have some time to spend with yourself.

  4. 4. Treat yourself!

    Sometimes I say this way too often but treating yourself on occasion is a great way to show some appreciation toward yourself. It can be hard not to over-treat yourself and break the bank, but making a plan for spending a little bit of your hard-earned money on yourself can be a nice little reward from a full work week. A good way to do this is to wait for payday and have a plan or goal for what your treatment will be when the day comes.


We hear how important it is to take care of yourself repeatedly to the point of nauseum but it is that important. Having a constant reminder to care for yourself forces you to do it. Because in the end, the only person who is going to take care of you is you! Why not treat the most important person in your life a little nicer and perform some acts of kindness on yourself.