Lost in the Forest

Being an English major, poetry is one of the subjects that we focus on the most. I have always had a mixed feeling about poetry, but some forms of poetry do entice me. Free-verse poetry and haikus are always looked at as a cop-out, but for me, it is what comes easiest. I feel as though I can say so much more about a situation in seventeen syllables than I could in a fourteen-line sonnet. 


I decided to tap into my poetry skills and write a tale about rebirth and growth. Spring is often seen as the ideal symbol for rebirth, and I decided to use this idea in my latest poem. I titled it “Lost in the Forest” as the speaker is standing in the middle of the forest and is growing into a new version of themselves. Nature surrounds the speaker, she is changing. The feeling of the earth is surrounding her and guiding her even though she may feel lost. 


Please enjoy my haiku. 


Lost in the Forest


Moss grows beneath me 

Sunlight warms me to the touch 

Flowers grow through me