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We all have a hard time whether it be for a day or longer. Learning not to put yourself down for not feeling motivated, or happy is important. Finding outlets to express yourself and throw those emotions into helps. Self-care is something that we are hearing more and it’s a really important part of my everyday life. I used to think self-care was something that you rewarded yourself with after a long week or a really hard day. Breaking out of that thought process was good because we don't need to have a reason to take the time or do something good for ourselves no matter how often we choose too.


Some ways I enjoy practicing different forms of self-care are:

  • Cooking a meal for myself 

  • Watching my current TV show and not touch my phone

  • Going on drives frequently 

  • Even just sleeping

  • Taking baths

  • Cleaning


Of course, these things are all subject to the person so what I enjoy doing you might not. However, figuring out what your thing is, is crucial to making sure you're happy with yourself. I prefer to do these things alone. Simply because I've learned that I enjoy my own space and don’t always need to be talking or doing things with someone. The bottom line self-care is important and it goes hand in hand with mental health. When you learn to check up on yourself and do things to make YOU happy, slowly you realize how you’re helping yourself.

Hey everyone, my name is Cristina. I'm a Senior here at Utica College!
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