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Sleep is a crucial part of our daily habits and affects so many things including our mood, weight, stress levels, skin, and so much more. While some people may sleep like a baby, I cannot, so here are a few of my tips for sleeping better. 

Set a routine

Setting a routine to follow each night will get your body in a cycle of knowing when it is time to wind down and go to bed. For me, each night around 9 pm I start by lighting a candle and making some tea, while doing this I throw on some blue-light-blocking glasses and watch a little bit of tv. After this, I brush my teeth and head to bed. Everyone’s nighttime routine is different and that’s okay, as long as yours works for you. 

Put away your electronics

Putting away your electronics to avoid the blue light and stimulation is a game-changer. Instead of scrolling on Instagram, try reading a book or journaling to help settle down and clear your mind. 

Refrain from consuming caffeine past 3-4 pm. 

This is personal, but if I consume caffeine past 4 pm I toss and turn all night. This one is simple and there’s not much to say but avoiding the late afternoon caffeine allows for a better night’s rest. 

Create a space that’s right for you.

Creating a space that is comfy and cozy and matches your vibe is key. Make sure your space is clean and cozy so that you aren’t thinking about the chores you’ll have to do the next day.

I am a new writer and am attending Utica College with a major in Communications and a concentration in Public Relations. If need be, my email is [email protected]
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