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How to Enjoy The Spiral

Being in college means that chaos may soon become the norm. No matter how many planners or alarms you have sometimes stuff gets out of hand. Deadlines approach too fast or drama flares up and you aren’t ready for either. So, you are now spiraling trying to juggle school, your social life, and the general despair of being alive in 2021. However, it is not hopeless. Hitting rock bottom might suck, but the falling part can be fun and that’s what I am here to help you with. I am going to help you learn to enjoy the spiral. 

Now that everything is falling apart you may notice how easy it is to get distracted. I might have two assignments due by midnight and I haven’t started them, but this two-hour-long YouTube video about decades-old Tumblr drama looks really interesting. Stuff like that. Now if I was actually good at giving advice I’d say something like prioritize your schoolwork and put the YouTube video in your watch later, but I am a hot mess and I am here to tell you to do both. Hammer out your schoolwork while the YouTube video plays in the background. Now is this the most effective way to do things? No, it isn’t, but it’s more fun. This is about forcing fun out of your misfortune not becoming some kinda robot who doesn’t have wants and needs outside of completing assignments. So, learn to play stuff in the background. You might not actually remember any of the YouTube videos you played in the background, but you tried and that’s all that matters. 

Another thing about the world falling apart is it really makes you appreciate those around you. There is nothing like a bonding experience when both of you decide to take a break from work and go do something else together. That shared small rebellion is beautiful and is always way more meaningful than you think it’d be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that you can’t do something that day and deciding to actually live once and a while. Now what I am saying is a double-edged sword you gotta take some mental health days every once in a while, but it cannot become the norm. It’s about balance, which sucks because balance is hard, but still, you gotta try. I promise you no matter how smart or studious you are there will be a time you royally screw the pooch and that’s okay. This is college, messing up is part of the package. Just try to do your schoolwork while remembering that it’s okay to have fun. 

Now let’s say you’re like me and suck at balancing your life and everything is due and you are losing your mind running around trying to keep up with everything. The best piece of advice I could give you is to enjoy the car rides. There will be days, maybe even weeks, hell even months where you just gotta put in the work. Those shitty ass times where you just hammer out project after project with no real free time to speak of. Bouncing back between school and work with no room to breathe. These times suck and there is no getting around that, but there is one thing you can do. Learn to love commutes. Driving to places is an interesting paradox because you are simultaneously accomplishing a goal and also opening yourself up to de-stress. Yeah, you are probably driving to work or campus which will be stressful and hard, but right then right now you are free. Make a good playlist pretend this is a movie montage and think some good thoughts. Car rides are a good reset. Think over what you just did or plan out what you are about to do all while listening to some music you really like. Driving is not difficult and so let your mind wander a bit, imagine stuff or maybe just get comfortable and enjoy the ride. Life is rough sometimes, but at least the scenery is pretty. The spiral may suck, but it does allow you to appreciate the little pleasures in life. Have fun and try to get some work done. 


Hey I'm Patrick. Most things I write are so drowned in irony that it ceases to make sense, but I promise I am just trying to be funny. Racism/Sexism/Transphobia/Homophobia are bad. He/Him pronouns
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