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How Adopting A Kitten Helped My Depression

Recently, my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to get an animal of our own, we eventually decided that a kitten would be perfect for us. It took a little bit of searching to find our special one. We’ve had her for about two weeks now and it feels like it’s been years, and we just adore her.

At the beginning of the year, my significant other and I started looking into getting an animal to call our own. We decided that adoption would be the best option since there are always so many cats in shelters. While looking, we fell in love with about 3 different kittens, but only one of them was able to come home with us. Rome Humane Society was where we decided to adopt from, because they had so many kittens, and we wanted one that we could have for a long time. When we went to visit, the one we were originally looking into had already been adopted, and the other had to be adopted with his brother. Saddened, we continued to look and found this beautiful female kitten in the back, by the name of Liberty. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one for us. She immediately started trying to cuddle with us, which made me so happy that I was brought to tears.

That night, we decided that she was going to be the kitten we adopted. The very next day, we went back to the shelter with his mother and officially adopted her. The best part was we could take her home that same day. Though she was scared at first, and his under the bed for a few hours, she now feels right at home with us and the rest of the family.

Since transferring back home for college, I had been severely depressed because of family drama. Everyday I would escape to my boyfriend’s house and spend time with him and his family, but it still wasn’t enough to make me feel any better. There was never really anything that could make me feel truly happy, until we got Liberty. Adopting this kitten has shown me that there are reasons for happiness. She has brought my boyfriend and I so much closer together since we both have something that is only ours. Her cuddles always make me smile, especially when it’s just her and I.

Adopting animals is now something I plan on continuing to do, because I’ve learned how amazing these animals are. They bring you a sense of pure joy because they truly love you and you love them just the same. Liberty is my first kitten, and definitely won’t be my last, but I will always love her just like she was my child.


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