Exams and Expresso: Best Off-Campus Study Spots

With finals creeping up on us, this is the time of year where everyone on campus starts to discover where the library is. If you are anything like me, you get extremely irritated with the amount of random people who don’t stop talking on the quiet floor of the library. People who have never even stepped foot in the library are now sitting at “your” designated table that even the librarians know is yours. When your place of quiet escape turns into the next best party on campus, here are some local places of refugee that are just down the road where you can get your work done in a new setting that will help you stay productive and focused.

  1. Panera Bread- 4821 Commercial Dr, New Hartford, NY 13413

  2. Utica Coffee Roasting Company- 92 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13502

  3. Bite Bakery and Cafe- 53 Franklin Square, Utica, NY 13502

  4. Barnes and Noble- 4811 Commercial Dr, New Hartford, NY 13413

  5. Bagg’s Square Cafe- 421 Broad St, Utica, NY 13501

  6. Willie’s Bagel Cafe- 219 N Genesee St, Utica, NY 13502

Studying for hours can be exhausting, which is why doing your work at a small cafe or bakery can be beneficial. I personally find that when I drive somewhere to do my homework, I am more likely to do it because I went out of my way to get to my study place. Also, these places serve coffee which is some self-motivation to get through your studying. Being in a public scene is so much more inviting than sitting in a cube in the back corner of the library where no one even knows you exist. Studying doesn’t have to consist of locking yourself away for an absurd amount of hours. Get off campus, take a drive with some good music and some good people, and grab the coffee that we both know you deserve. Reward yourself for making it to this point in the semester with some fresh food and hit the books.