Your Fall To-Do Horoscope

Fall — that magical time of the year when the leaves change color, the weather gets cold, Starbucks rebrands as the pumpkin spice store, and you can finally wear sweaters again. It’s also really divisive… you either love it or you hate it. It’s also always going to come, just like your mom’s weekly calls. So I’ve compiled some tips on things YOUR zodiac sign can do to settle into fall! 


Libra - Do something that speaks to your naturally thoughtful and funny tendencies — my recommendation is binging a critically acclaimed comedy series! This will lift your spirits and give you something to chew on.


Scorpio - You’re naturally very emotional, so this might be a difficult time for you — you always do have a hard time verbalizing how you’re feeling. Sit down with a mug of something warm and really accept how you’re feeling about this change. 


Sagittarius - Go you, queen of being adaptable! Go do something new and exciting to really usher in that fall spirit. Whether you try a hayride, pumpkin picking, or even a new fall recipe, you should make sure you’re stretching yourself.


Capricorn - Ambitious and persistent are words that come to mind… Make sure you’re taking time to do a quarterly re-evaluation of your priorities, and make sure you’re on track for what you want while also leaving time for activities you enjoy — give yourself some time in that calendar to unwind!


Aquarius - I hope you’re feeling connected this fall — sometimes you might feel detached from those around you, and that’s NOT the energy we need going into this new season! Make sure to get some one-on-one time with someone close to you by grabbing a coffee, a candle, or even just getting in some plain ol’ cuddling. 


Pisces - Keep that positive, generous energy going! You love to give to those around you, and that’s something you can definitely carry with you this fall. Give back, whether you volunteer in a soup kitchen or even just remind your friends that you love them. 

Aries - I want you to live up to your full potential this fall. You’re stylish, independent, and fiery. Try a new fall style — let your gorgeous individuality shine! You should take a solo trip to the mall so you’re not influenced by anyone else’s ideas for how YOU should look. 


Taurus - I’m a Taurus and I personally know that changes are not our forté. Embrace this new chapter with an open heart, and remember to celebrate our artistic side! Go somewhere you find beautiful and capture those fall colors in a painting… Ok, let’s be realistic — we’ll do a fall Bob Ross paint-along in our living room, but that’s close enough.


Gemini - Your best traits include being adaptable and curious. I want you to go exploring in the "self-care aisle". Find a new bath bomb or candle that would make you feel at peace and have some time to yourself!


Cancer - Compassionate. Loyal. The list goes on. But when was the last time you were nice to yourself? This fall, I want you to wrap yourself up in your most comfortable blanket and give yourself all the affirmations you need. 


Leo - Can you say charismatic? I want you to host a fall bash! Invite friends over for a dinner party, host a Halloween RAGER, or just go on a drive to really bask in the new fall colors. Having this social time will cement your status as the lifeforce of your friend group.


Virgo - You’re humble. You’re also uptight. I want you to toot your own horn for once! Giving yourself praise for what you do is really important. Even if it’s just getting out of bed or getting that paper finished, you deserve some praise for your amazing work!


No matter what your sign is, make sure you love and take care of yourself this fall!


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