Yoni Steaming: Treat Your Inner Goddess

Let’s start at the beginning. Well, junior high. If your sexual education was anything like mine, it was probably rather mundane. The videos and lectures on The Woman’s Reproductive System (so official) was a giggling joke to the girls and a dictionary reading at the DMV to the teacher. Outright boring if you ask me. 

Which if you think about it, is shocking! We are beings that are capable of generating human life within us and then literally carrying that life into this beautiful, wonderful home we call Earth. Its miraculous and magical, yet we grow up ashamed. As teenagers and young adults, we tend to be left confused about our cycles and sexuality. Instead of embracing and honoring our femininity, we are taught to diminish it. 

Our bodies are truly remarkable and the space we hold as women is a necessity to the world. You are wise, you are wild, you are a warrior. What better time than now to reclaim your fantastic body and everything it encompasses! Whether you have a vagina or just the feeling inside ya I encourage you to release your inner goddess with a Yoni Steam. 


What the fallopian is a Yoni Steam? 

Hang in there, I didn’t know either. A Yoni steam is a sacred and ancient practice in which a woman sits over a pot of boiling herbs and lets the steam dance with her, well, you know what. It can have physical benefits on the vaginal area and be a wonderful form of emotional healing. Yoni has the power to heal inside and out. It can be a release of fear, frustration, and trauma. Yoni steaming can open your heart to a pure, loving connection with your inner self. 

Yoni is originally a Sanskrit word literally meaning “ ‘source, womb, female genitals’ (Oxford Dictionary). It is also the title of a rock carving done to represent the Hindu goddess Shakti. Yoni Steaming has been an essential part of many cultures across the world for generations. It is said to awaken the divine feminine essence.  

If you’re not into the sacred part, that’s okay. If nothing else, it feels amazing! I was personally inspired to try Yoni Steaming after a series of dead ends with OB/GYNs. In a state of defeat and disappointment, I decided to take my vaginal healing into my own hands and really started to experiment. I wanted to heal not only my physical symptoms, but the emotional baggage piling up over years of menstrual misunderstandings. 

We’ve all been there. Cycles of pain, chaos, embarrassment, complications, and more. It can feel like having a vagina is a curse rather than a blessing. Our monthly gift can bring what feels like a list of troubles and the vagina can require undivided attention on a daily basis. What if we were to make peace with our bodies and cycles? In all of its glory we could embrace this part of femininity, celebrate it, and enjoy everything it has to offer (even the uncomfortable stuff). 

Indulging in a steam can help with smell, burning, itching, menstrual pain and pain from ovarian cysts. It can also potentially improve fertility and be a form of relief after giving birth. Not all bodies are the same, so I cannot guarantee your outcomes, but it can even clear up certain infections. 

Not only is Yoni Steaming a physical treat, it is a way to open your heart to a whole new path of healing. It can be a special way to connect with yourself, other women, or bond with a partner. It is a meditative, healing practice that has the potential to offer a sacred space to engage with femininity and heal from past perceptions of what it means to be a lady in this life.

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10 tips to keep your steam safe, happy, and healthy: 

  1. You’ll need a stool to sit on while steaming. You can buy them online, but I highly encourage you to build your own. It can be empowering and insightful as it connects you to the full process of the steam. You’ll also probably learn some new skills, as I did! I built my own Yoni stool with help from my sweetheart boyfriend. It cost only about $15 total to build, compared to hundereds online. It was a bonding activity to do together and opened up a space for awesome conversation.

  2. Don’t just get any ol’ herbs. Make sure they are sourced in a way that will be best for your body. If you are on the sensitive side, test the herbs with your hands or feet first to check for allergies to the plants. If you’d like to obtain herbs or a steam stool locally, reach out! (I know a gal).

  3. Use only distilled water and maybe designate a specific pot for the practice. Let’s keep things V clean, am I right?

  4. You can use a hot plate under your pot to keep your herbs boiling while steaming. I worry about things getting too hot so I just boil mine on the stove. You can reboil the herbs throughout the steaming process. 

  5. Once you have your herbs steaming, sit above them and enjoy. I recommend wearing a long flowy skirt that can wrap fully around the pot. If this isn’t enough to trap the steam, wrap a blanket or two around your legs. 

  6. Do not steam just before, during or after your period! Your body is already thriving in its juicy, hot self. No need to add any more moisture around that time of the month. 

  7. A mixture of coconut oil and vegetable Crisco (doctor recommended) can be life changing. Use it after as a lovely post steam cream. Also great relief any day! 

  8. Keep your steams few and far between. Nothing is better at maintaining your vagina’s PH than your own body. Be careful how often you steam and avoid douching in the shower. Like a cat, your pussy is self cleaning. 

  9. Yoni steaming can be as casual or sacred as you make it. I’ve tried everything from yoni steaming while folding laundry to a multi hour silent meditation. All styles are valid and hold their place. 

  10. Plan ahead. The process could take a while the first time around. I recommend journaling before and after your steam. It’s like a massage or restorative yoga class, you may want to pencil in a nap after!

Don’t rush into it. If you are seeking deep healing I recommend sitting with this idea and making sure it’s right for you. Talk to your doctors and women you trust for guidance. Meditate on the idea. There is no need to force this experience. If you are meant to have it, you will. If it’s not for you, that’s okay too. You are still a miraculous, beautiful feminine goddess! If you are struggling to find connections or more information. Please reach out. There are wise women in our community who are here to help!

Thanks for reading and happy steaming! 

Roya Ann Miller Ktl