Why It's Okay To Not Be Where You're "Supposed" To Be

Being a millennial seems to automatically come with stereotypes that you never asked for, such as not being patient enough with our wants and being overly ‘sensitive’ with our feelings. But a bigger issue is the expectations millennials are putting themselves into. We have a vision for ourselves of where we want to be, but then we take a step backward, and end up where we think we’re not where we’re supposed to be.

You’re a college student and most people are expecting you to be working part time, living on your own, having a social life and dating life, maintaining a good GPA, all while being involved in the community. It can get overwhelming, and quite discouraging, when you don’t feel like you’re living up to the bar society has set for you.

But, I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be okay. Life can get hectic, and often provides experiences you weren’t thinking were going to cross your way. It can also lack the opportunities you were expecting to fall into your lap. When life doesn’t go to plan, it’s important to realize you’re doing the best you can. You can’t fix everything, and guide your life the exact way you think it will go. You can have goals and work hard towards them, and I hope you do! Nothing is going to just fall into your life unless you work for it.

I think the most important thing we can do is to support others if they are behind where they want to be in life. We can encourage them to keep working hard and pursuing their ambitions, while also having their back and being a friend they can rely on to comfort them. This isn’t creating excuses to cut millennials some slack. This is simply helping our mental health, and getting our mind set back on the prize. Whether it’s saving up to live on your own, or getting the grades of your dreams, you don’t need to always follow the blueprint that others have set up for you. Remember to do what is best for you!