Why I Gave Up On World Peace

Ever since I found out that I love languages, people, and cultures I decided that I wanted to find the cure to violence and hunger; find the ultimate secret to peace. In my eyes college is where it all happens. College is where you learn about the real world. So I was beyond excited to start college, and begin to unfold mysteries we still question.

To my surprise, I was greeted with cynicism and skepticism. In 90% of the classes I took, we would rigidly talk about laws and problems as if these things didn't effect real human beings. I was constantly given that look of disbelief, because who would want to try and fix such a big problem? I was just a small girl from a town and state no one knew.

However you look at it, problems like suicide stats are through the roof,  there is still slave trade in Africa, and gun violence and sexual assault are real things that happen to people you know. Still, no one cares for the poor mother that has to wake up to the reality that they have one less special soul in their care. No one seems to care.

Again, I could be worrying about so many other things, like how my eyeliner is off today, but instead I carry a knife because I am afraid of the world. I am afraid, yet, no one gives a damn. “It’s not my problem," yep, it is always someone else's problem. If you believe that you are not the problem, you are exactly why we have a problem.

Then again, the world surprises me, specifically about the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. This year the Olympics started out with the  Koreas playing under one flag; as one people. Even though it feels like a big publicity stunt, isn’t it wonderful to imagine that kind of world? The opening ceremonies light up with thousands of candle lights, these are the same lights from the peaceful protest that happened only a year ago where the Korean people got their president impeached, without a single person hurt or killed. Then one of my favorite songs came on, Imagine by John Lennon, ending with dove formed in the sky. With moments like this, it makes me think how easy it is to imagine a life in peace.

I will keep holding on to these little moments. These are the moments I will remember because love will win one day. I have to believe that, or I my life has no meaning. So I guess I’ll never truly give up.  I may be a dreamer, but I hope you will join us. 

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