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Why Being Single is the Best As Told By Sailor Moon

Being in a relationship is great. You have someone to depend on at all times. They’re your partner in crime, your food buddy, and your designated Netflix and sexy time boo. Despite all the happiness, some relationships come to an end real fast. Take your time and cry it out, but let’s face it. You’re single. It might be hard to transition at first. You feel lonely, even with all the comfort provided by family and friends. It’s harder to go out without your sidekick, but slowly it gets better. Everyone has different methods of getting over a breakup: rebounding over Tinder, bingeing endlessly on fries, going partying every weekend, or — just accepting the hard truth — and embracing it. Here are some reasons why being single is better (in most aspects) than being in a relationship. 


1. Self-Love

Learning to love yourself is something you need to do. Break ups usually take a hit on your self-esteem. “Am I not good enough?” “Why, why, why??” Release those thoughts into the wild. Learn to love every aspect of yourself, and you will become a stronger, more confident, and a more attractive person.

2. No Money? That’s ok!

Now that you’re single, you don’t have to pay for anyone else. Take back that money, and treat yo’self.

3. “Ugh, do I have to shave?”

You have no one to impress but yourself. Shave, wax, laser whenever the hell you want. Do it for yourself, and feel good that you’re not doing it for someone else.

4. Share the bed?

Now with no S.O, there’s no need to share! Hallelujah for having the whole bed to myself, and bonus: no one to take the sheets away.

5. Sex sucks

Just kidding, sex doesn’t suck, but if your ex had no idea what they were doing, then you’re in good hands. Your own hands. You’re in full control.

6. No slut-shaming

You’re not a slut if you go out and make out with two different people in a night. You’re single! No one cares.

7. Less fighting, more loving…yourself

So many problems may arise in a relationship, leading to fighting, having heartbreaking arguments, and plain frustration. Who needs that? Fighting and competing with yourself = more self-love and acceptance.

8. No one to take your fries!

Sharing my food was the worst. I mean they just took it sometimes without asking. Being single is the perfect time to cook the foods you like, and a great opportunity to go to YOUR favorite restaurants. Your choices are the most important, and no one can take that food away.

If this list doesn’t convince you why being single is honestly the best, then I don’t know what will. If you’re going through a break up right now, keep your head up and be strong. You’ll learn very quickly that only person you can depend on is yourself.


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