Which Volcano Are You During Finals?

Everyone gets a little stressed out towards the end of the semester. Sometimes you might even be a little explosive. Which volcano represents how you handle the stress of finals?



You’re stressed out, so you are a little more short tempered, but it’s not really that different from your everyday mood.


Everyone should hate you, because you are totally prepared, but they don’t because of how pretty and nice you are. You are calm, cool, and collected during this nightmarish time.


You may appear calm now, but everyone knows that right before the test, you will have a meltdown.

Mount Hood

You have taken the all-nighter to a new level. You pretty much only continue existing due to caffeine. You are so sleepy.


You are the kind of person who studies really hard. Unfortunately for you, you didn’t actually know what was going to be covered (in ash). Oops…

Mount St. Helens

You just completely lose it, and blow your top.

Yellowstone Caldera

You may complain about studying, but in truth, you are actually very prepared.


You are the person who takes full advantage of the library being open 24 hours during finals. Your roommates are beginning to wonder if you are still alive.


Skipping that 7:30 class may have seemed like a good idea all semester, but now nobody recognizes you when you actually show up for the final.


You have been in a state of panic for weeks (if not the entire semester). Your friends are now able to exactly predict when an eruption is imminent.


Whichever volcano represents you during finals, take heart, it’s almost over! You can do this!


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*Special Thanks to Avery Connor, the geology major