When He Likes You, But Not Enough

We’ve all been there.  Girl meets boy, girl and boy talk and exchange numbers, girl and boy start to like each other.  Before long, girl is hit with the, “I don’t think we should date" line. 

You stop, feeling your face flush.  Did you hear that right?  You turn to look at boy and his dead serious face. You did. You are angry and heartbroken because you have spent every waking moment texting, thinking about or with this boy.  Your big, fat crush has turned into a big, fat F-boy.  

He continues with the typical, “but I like hanging out with you and want to hang out with you still. But I don’t think we should date.”

What is he telling you?  That he likes you, but not enough to actually date you.  

You are pissed, and rightfully so.  But, you have to think logically about this.  He doesn’t just get  all this jelly without having to work for it.  Yo’ jelly is not for free. Let him know that.  If he wants your jelly, he has to work for it.  Put in time, respect, maybe put a label on it.  

What kind of self-respecting person puts another human being on the back burner, and expects them to be okay with it?  (Okay, we all know at least one. But still.)  How can you, as a self-respecting person still want to date him?

So take this as a learning moment.  Yes, you might have feeling for this grade A F-Boy, but he does not deserve you.  You are not some treat that he just gets to have without working for it.  It’s not okay for someone to like you and use you, but not like you enough to put work into your relationship and actually date.  You deserve so much better.  The next time he texts you, wanting you to come over and “hang out”; don’t.  Delete his number, or better yet, block him.  Trust me, your life will be so much better with someone who actually wants to date you.  


Image Source: https://media.giphy.com/media/oxwkABKHE7Fmw/giphy.gif