We Should Care About Politics, Just a Little...

With everything going on in our world today, politics would not be a sour topic to have some knowledge on. As dreaded as the conversation of talking politics may be, it is unavoidable. Politics will always be part of our lives and our everyday situations. For better or for worse, politics is all around us. It is essential now more than ever for us, the leaders of tomorrow to be involved in the decisions that determine our future. We do have a voice and we do have a say. We cannot expect change to happen if we sit back and do nothing about the situation. Here are three opportunities you can take to stay politically active.

1. Internship

One of the best ways to get involved with politics is an internship. Not only do you have the options of choosing a local, national or global internship, but you also get the opportunity to receive academic credit and have a more complete impressive resume. This also is a great way to get to know the ins-an-outs of politics. 

2. Volunteer

There is not a campaign in the world that will not agree to the fact that the two main essentials for any campaign are donations and volunteers. You can volunteer for your state and local campaigns. Volunteer roles vary based on your availability, interest, and timing within the election cycle. Volunteers typically are needed for smaller office tasks such as data entry and sometimes donor research when the elections are further out, and as the election nears, volunteers are needed to contact voters to get the word out about a candidate or cause.

3. Vote

Make sure you're registered. And do it in every election, not just the big ones. In a political world, every voice is a vote; we just need to know how to use it. Our votes and the role we play politically have an impact.

With the many social changes occurring in society today, keeping ourselves informed is crucial because we are one of the generations that will have to live through changes. As a result, being informed and participating is the only way to make the future of our society what we want it to be. Without being politically aware, we cannot form our true opinions. With this understanding, we are better able to communicate and share our ideas.