Walking Vs Biking: This Collegiette's Thoughts

There is no right or wrong answer on whether or not a Collegiette should walk or ride around campus. There is solely internal debate, struggle, and feelings of pride for both ends of the spectrum. Please enjoy some of the most common thoughts I - and I'm sure many others on campus - encounter daily. 


When it’s hot outside

Walking: This is the literal worst – I am going to sweat to death. I should plan a route that goes through different buildings. Leave Milton Bennion Hall – cut to OSH, down those stairs, head towards the Union. The Union takes me to the Student Service Building but I can get out at the cafeteria… no wait I should’ve gone through the Business building. Ugh, why did I wear pants today?

Riding: This weather is incredible. I love wind in my hair and all that other cliché stuff!

When there’s someone in my way

Walking: “Hi, yeah – sorry could I just get around you? Thanks, sorry.” People are seriously so inconsiderate.

Riding: “Watch out!” MOVE! For the love of humanity, how is it that any direction you move puts you more in my way? Just keep walking, don’t try to dodge me. I’m better at dodging. There is a bike lane for a reason! This is ridiculous.

When I’m late to class

Walking: Crap. Crap. Crap. I really need a bike. My feet hurt. Is it acceptable to run through campus?

Riding: I probably have time to stop by Mom’s Café and get a snack. Power to the pedal! I love my bike.

When a cutie passes me

Walking: Okay, don’t overthink it. Just turn around. If he’s turning around to look at me, I’ll smile – all coy like. Then maybe walk back toward him. If not I turn right back around and it’s full steam ahead.

Riding: Wait! Wait! Wait! I can’t look back – I’ll definitely crash. Do I turn around? There’s no room here. And how would I approach him in this helmet? Another opportunity lost.

When it’s the 5th Annual Bike to The U day

Walking: Why did I not ride my bike today?

Riding: It is a good day to be a cyclist!