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Wait, What Paper? How to Recover From Procrastination

Before we really get started, let me just say this won’t be about how to avoid procrastination. Let’s not lie to ourselves and promise we’ll be more on top of things because we won’t. We are the queens of procrastination, the experts on waiting until the last second. This, instead, is about what to do next.

So you waited too long and now you have five different assignments due all on the same day. Chances of you getting any sleep until then are slim to none. Here’s how to make the best of that awful situation you keep finding yourself in, week after week.


Be honest with yourself.

They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. So first things first, be completely honest with yourself and admit that you dropped the ball. It slipped your mind, you watched too much Netflix, or you’ve been straight up avoiding it. Whatever the reason, stop the excuses and try to get back on track.


Damage control.

Now it’s time to assess the damage. Can I get it done in time before it’s counted as late? Can I afford to take the extra time and turn it in late? Does my teacher even accept late work? Figure out the best scenario for you, your grade, and (hopefully) your sanity as well. Make a game plan, and get down to business.


Stay strong.

Okay so maybe you messed up on thinking ahead a little bit; that’s okay. It happens to the best of us. While you’re doing your best to make up for lost time, try to remind yourself that you are still a great student and human being. You are brilliant and powerful, and you will crush whatever life throws at you. You got this.

I should say let’s all be better prepared for the next round of assignments, but in all honesty, that will probably never happen. So enjoy your free time pre-stress induced all-nighters, and may your hastily thrown together assignments still kick ass. Good luck, collegiettes!

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