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The Ultimate Gluten-Free Snacks for Fall

November is National Gluten Free Diet Awareness month, so what could be better than a list of all the best gluten-free (and fall themed!) snacks?

Okay, I get it. Nothing is better than a Pumpkin Spice Latte… But this recipe is close! Try these Pumpkin Spice Donuts with maple cream cheese glaze for a quick bite in between classes. Or during class, if you’re like me and don’t let a school schedule determine when you eat a piece of heaven. Click here to get started baking the best donuts ever!

One of my favorite fall memories? Eating tons of pie at Thanksgiving. But why limit it to just one day? With this recipe, you can make the cutest mini Apple Fruit Pies to stock up on for the entire month. Dipping them in caramel can’t hurt either! Bonus: it’s portion control made easy.

It’s easy to disapprove of people who eat ice cream during the fall and winter months. After all, it’s cold outside. That said, it’s even easier to ignore others and eat it anyway. To spice up your semester, try this Apple Cider Float from Beard and Bonnet.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies are up next! Extra points for these swirled squares being aesthetically pleasing enough to immediately post on instagram with the hashtag #fallgoals. If that hashtag is even a thing. #TooBusyEatingToFindOut. 

Peanut butter and marshmallows definitely aren’t exclusive to autumn, but there’s something about these sandwich cookies that seem to be a perfect match for lazy, relaxing days watching leaves fall around you. Or are they November’s midterm papers flying around? We won’t tell… Food makes everything better, including procrastination.

Rounding out the list FTW is Chocolate Pots. Yes, they’re exactly what they sound like. These little pudding-style desserts are literally just made of sugar, chocolate and a few other ingredients. During a busy fall semester, sometimes the best thing a student can do for themselves is have a good dose of chocolate, once daily. Or more. It’s really up to you.


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