Twenty One Pilots Just Introduced “Ned” in Their New “Chlorine” Music Video, and He’s ADORABLE

The alternative rock band Twenty One Pilots just released their highly-anticipated new music video for “Chlorine,” and with it came an adorable surprise.

Introducing Ned: a plushy-looking creature that hides in the corner, waiting for Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun to 'purify' and cleanse the water within a swimming pool with chlorine so he can freely and blissfully cannonball into the pool and take a swim.

The band teased the wide-eyed critter earlier Tuesday, with Joseph tweeting to fans, “there’s someone I’d like you guys to meet. I’ll introduce you to him tomorrow. His name is Ned.”

Ned? Ned who? Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide?

That day, fans also received an update to the dmaorg website: a new and emotional letter from the mysterious Clancy.

Soon after, the Pilots themselves tweeted out mysterious clips from their new “Chlorine” music video, promising it would premiere "tomorrow."

Well, it seems Tyler and Josh couldn’t contain their excitement because they released the video earlier that day. Surprise! Or maybe it was Ned who couldn’t contain his excitement.

The music video shows Tyler and Josh’s many attempts to please the small and ever-so-cute critter Ned by cleansing a darkened swimming pool with—you guessed it—chlorine.

You can watch the new music video for “Chlorine”—and meet Ned—below.


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