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Time Is Precious: Have You Forgotten What’s Really Important To You?

Calling out to every girl who has ever been hurt, any girl who has ever felt worthless, unhappy, unsatisfied, unmotivated, unconfident. With a little revaluation of whats really important to you.. there is HOPE!

“We are on a spinning rock floating through space, don’t sweat the small stuff”

I recently came across this quote from a dear friend of mine. When I heard it, the quote rang through my ears, traveled through my body, and almost made me chuckle. It was funny. It was simple, but at the same time, screamed pure genius. 

As a freshmen in college and a member of a sorority, I have never encountered so much “drama” in my life. You hear stories about catty girls and douchebag guys. Little did I know, all of those things are sincerely true. It is remarkably easy for shady things to happen between you and a guy, you and your sister, or really ANYONE. In high school, I probably never would have talked to my friends again if they double teamed the guy I liked in front of me, but situations like this have recently become unimportant to me. 

When I cried to my dad about something that had happened with a boy I liked, he laughed at me. At first I was offended, and felt like he totally disregarded my feelings. His laugh played like a broken record in my head for days, teasing me, antagonizing me, weakening me, and cutting into my heart. “How could someone who I look up to and idolize laugh at me?” I thought long and hard, until finally, I came to a conclusion that helped me come to peace with difficult situations in my past and prepare myself for similar future situations.  

Too much time is wasted worrying about what he said, what she said, or what really happened, what might have happened, and what is going to happen. YES, people you love, people you thought were your friends, people who you trusted WILL hurt your feelings, they will betray you. You may be upset for a little, but as young adults striving to become the individuals we long to be, we simply do not have time to “sweat the small stuff." It is important to make time for forgiveness to both ourselves and thoase who have wronged us. We are far too intelligent to allow ourselves to worry about things that simply will not matter in a month, or five, ten, twenty years from today. We need to learn to weed out the insignificant things, and start grasping the “bigger picture." Start embracing the simple concepts and find what is really important to ourselves. For example: the inspirational quotes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Unfortunately, as “cheesy," “corny," or “cliché” as they may sound on the surface, I think we can all agree that most of those quotes ARE discerningly true. 

Like many of the quotes and ideas out there, time is ironically the most precious gift we can receive. It is something that should be special, because every single person receives it. Normally this would not be the case... because what makes something special if everyone has it?! The crazy thing about this particular gift is that it cannot be altered, it cannot be edited, and it cannot be preserved.

Not one of us can earn, steal, or even acquire an instant of extra time.  All time comes to us at the same exact rate. There is never a surplus or deficit, it holds limited duration. The tricky thing is that it’s not time itself that is actually the gift, but what we can do with it. What we can turn it into.

Time is like water, it allows for life, and remains the building blocks for the future. It's a beautiful painting, a master piece in the making.

Although, it is mind blowing and almost impossible to truly appreciate the gift of time, I encourage everyone to realize “we are on a spinning rock floating through space... DON’T sweat the small stuff."  Use those building blocks; invest your time and effort into things that will benefit you and those surrounding you in the long run. Time is beautiful, don't waste it over insignificant commodities. Because as I said before; it cannot be altered, it cannot be edited, and it cannot be preserved.

I like skiing.
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