Stop Stupid Shopping in 5 Steps

Alright, it’s time to get real how many of you collegiettes have shopped while upset. I have the worst habit of using shopping as a type of therapy. "Oh, failed my test? Time to go to Nordstrom." While it is important to keep to a budget there are times when it’s ok to splurge, but when you are upset is not that time!

I recently spent over $100 on some sweaters and a purse because “why not? It was a rough day” So join me in my resolution to stop stupid shopping! Here are the 5 steps to keep you on track:

1. Ask yourself if you actually look good: 90% of the time when I make a quick decision purchase I never wear it more than once or twice. So take some time in the dressing room.

2. Bring a Friend: Most of the time when I am therapy shopping I just want to get out and relax, bringing a friend along could be the perfect deterrent and make you feel just as good.

3. Check your balance: Check your app and immediately put down whatever you were planning on purchasing. There is something about seeing cold hard numbers that suddenly makes that sweater ½ as cute and twice the price.

4.  Just don’t go: This seems obvious, but instead go to a campus event or go get a coffee, the money you spend there will be significantly less than at a mall.

5. Pause: If you must go shopping and you fall in love take a pause, ask the store to put your item on hold and walk around for a bit if you still want it then go back. 9 out of 10 times you won’t go back.

So take on the challenge collegiettes and don’t buy that super cute dress! Take the 5 steps and save your bank account.