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Stages of Studying as told by The Office

The two things that all collegiettes can relate to are: Netflix and avoiding studying for Netflix. So here is your complete guide to midterms as told by The Office.


1. Okay my test is in two weeks, I have plenty of time to study.

2. My test is a week from today, no problem I got this.

3. I’ll start studying tomorrow.

4. Alright, I have 4 days I’ll do a little bit today.         

5. But Netflix… I’ll watch one episode then study. 

*4 episodes later*

6. I’ll study tomorrow, that’s enough time. Right? 

*2 days before exam* 

7. Alright, lets do this thing.

8. I changed my mind.


7. I don’t want to do this.

8. I should have started earlier.

9. Oh! I know her, let me go see how her night is going.

10. Snack break.

11. Okay, back to studying.

*Super motivated for an hour*

12. I killed that. I’ll finish tomorrow.

*Day before the exam* 

14. I’m pretty confident. I’ll just review.

*Day of Exam

15. I’m screwed

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