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We all waste time on social media. If you don’t, congratulations and a round of applause, you are way ahead of the game. 

I’m as guilty as anyone for mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed realizing once again that I am definitely not a mommy blogger, I don’t have a six pack and I’m not helping create a better world abroad with a non-profit organization.

Yes, we probably need to spend less time on media and become more present. There are a million apps, tools and suggestions to help us do so. I’ve even tried a few tactics myself and they can be wonderful! Overall, you need to do what is right for you. 

Let's rethink.

Instead of telling you what you need to do and the exact actions to take, may I suggest a few tips to make us evaluate our media consumption. My suggestions are quite simple. I’m not begging you to get rid of your phone, delete all your social platforms, and become a hermit; let’s just rethink it all. Okay?


1. Use social media more intentionally

What would you like to look at? Are you catching up on family events, looking for artistic inspiration or mindless scrolling to waste time? Whether it’s one of these things, another or all three, I’ve found that if I’m intentional with my media use I am much more likely to put it down easily and get on with my day. Try to address why you want to open up the app beforehand, creating an expectation for yourself.


2. Remove negativity

This one is simple. If you’re following and/or continuously insta-stalking a group or individual that makes you think less of yourself in any way, shape or form, hit that UNFOLLOW button as fast as you can. This can include family and close friends. Don't reserve extra space for negativity in your life. By removing this type of content from your feeds, you can avoid spiraling into unhealthy comparison and possible self-loathing.


3. Increase positivity

Duh, when you remove negativity there is always going to be more positivity but try harder to be positive! It's easy to judge on social media, "why are they posing like that", "we know you went on yet ANOTHER vacation Tiffany...", etc, etc, etc. But when we try our best to support women and everyone around us, we are taking a great big step toward a more positive culture of respect. It all starts with you! Follow people that inspire you to be better. Interactive with others that are supportive and believe in you. Post things that you care about. 'Like' things that you actually like! 


The fact of the matter is you are in control, it’s all you. My suggestion is to not let the media take hold of your agency. You want to post once a day and continuously monitor your analytics for social engagement? Rad! You want to stalk your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend and see what her deal is? Been there, just don't like a photo from 2014. Also, been there. You want to delete all your social media apps and take a break? Three cheers for you. All I'm saying is let's rethink things a little bit and try to use all kinds of social media as a fun platform, promoting good and fostering creativity. 


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Hello! I'm Alison, a Communication major emphasizing in Journalism. I've always loved to express myself through different forms of media, particularly writing and photography. Thanks for reading along, let's be friends!
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