PSA: Please Tip Your Servers

Now, I’m going to guess that you didn’t click on this article because you have tipped your servers terribly in the past. Most of you are probably the generous tippers I know, and love, and are passionate about caring for all of those in the service industry. But if you find yourself hesitant to leave the recommended 15%, from time to on, and realize how important that 15% really is. 

First and foremost, let me give you a little background about servers. According to Fox 13, waiters currently make $2.13 per hour, which means they HEAVILY depend on tips for their salary. Servers main duties are to serve you, while serving 3-4 other tables per hour. From refilling drinks to getting the right order out to you in a timely matter, servers are constantly on the move to meet your needs.

Being a server myself, I know exactly how overwhelming serving can be, especially on the weekends and weeknights. Busting my butt running around the restaurant to please my customers for a decent tip can be pretty demeaning at times, but hey, your girl has got to earn money somehow right? But the worst part of the job, by far, is when you know you did a great job, and you go to pick up a check off the table only to find a $1.00 a tip. In these moments, it's hard to stay motivated working hard.

Here are a few tips from a server to a customer to keep in mind when you are tipping. The best rule of thumb is to generally give 20% of what was the total amount of the bill. You can figure this out by moving the decimal point in your pre-tax bill one place to the left to get $5.375 from $53.75. Then you need to round up to the next easy number: $5.40. Then finally, double that number to get $10.80, which is 20% of your original bill. It’s small enough to not put you out the bank, yet generous enough to let your server know you were pleased.

Now keep in mind, if you were angry with your server, 10% is the way to go. Because remember, even if they were a bad server, doesn’t mean you need to be a bad tipper. In the end, its your wallet, I'm just here to help raise awareness about the struggles about working as a server.