The Pre-Law Society at the U

If you are interested in law or going to law school, maybe you should consider joining the Pre-Law Student Society at the University of Utah! Not going to lie, this is a shameless self-plug because I am the president, but it's still a great club! Not only will you get more prepared for law school, but you will also make great connections and friends!In the PLSS, we hold events and meetings that we feel that would benefit our members the best. We have had LSAT workshops, speakers from the law school, application workshops, and more. Our most popular event is the LSAT workshop and Mock LSAT. This is a great way for people to prepare for the LSAT's and sometimes get great deals. Pre-Law Student Society members get the privilege of getting discounts on LSAT prep classes that non-members don't get. We also have Law School Student Panels where law school students come and give advice about law schools to our members. Basically, we hold a lot of great events that truly help people prepare for a career in law.

It's really interesting to me that a lot of people don't know of the existence of the Pre-Law Student Society. Most of our members hear about us from Plaza Fest and they admit to us that they never even knew we existed. Hopefully, this article will raise more awareness to those interested in law. Law school is scary because you are really just thrown into it without any preparation. There are very little resources for those who want to be even a little prepared. That's why the PLSS was founded, as a way to get people more prepared. We try our best -- we have professors, students, deans, and more come and give advice on how to live life in Law School. I have personally learned a lot of great advice on what I should do during my years in law school.

If you are reading this, and are not interested in law first of all, why are you reading this? Jk, lol, I appreciate the support, but if you aren't interested in law there is probably a club out there for you. Joining a club is a great way to make friends, especially if you aren't living in the dorms. There are over 400 clubs on campus so there is no reason you shouldn't find a club that is good for you. For me, it was the pre-law society and I never regretted it. I met a lot of people who had the same ambitions and goals that I did and I made a lot of connections. Through the PLSS, I have met deans of different law schools and gained discounts on LSAT prep courses. I feel more prepared than I ever have been and I really believe that if you are interested in law, you should join the PLSS.

So the main takeaway is that the Pre-Law Student Society is a great way to become more prepared for law school. You will be able to attend law-related events, make connections, and meet friends! Happy end of the semester!!

If you are interested in joining, email [email protected] or you can email me at [email protected]. From there you will have to fill out an application with a one-time $25 club fee and you get a free t-shirt!

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